Shockwave Pinball Game, May 1999

To play, click inside the game window. Start the ball by holding the CONTROL key down, and use CONTROL and SHIFT for the flippers.

Requires Shockwave from Adobe

Created for MTV's release of the single and music video "Girlfriend / Boyfriend" by Blackstreet, from the album "Finally."

Find the song on Blackstreet - Finally - Girlfriend/ Boyfriend or find the music video on YouTube

Programmed by David Dantowitz, 80 hours, start to finish, including a simple physics engine (this was 1999) created from scratch for the game. Computers at that time were in the 250-400 Mhz range, so performance was a big factor. The entire game is 400Kb, Art & Design by Stanton Interactive.

The game has a few rough edges, but had a tight schedule from the first call to the of the music video on MTV.

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