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David Dantowitz's Resume
      Developing software for a while

      A NoSQL MVCC multi-threaded Database engine (licensed by Apple 2001-2011 and used on Apple.com).
      Written from scratch and 100% IP ownership.

      Consulting for Apple Products since 1989

Correcting the Internet (1986)
      Fixing something when it's wrong (three decades ago): high performance code for CRCs.
A developer posted incorrect code for computing CRCs, so I correct their bug, cited reference material, included a mini-tutorial, and wrote a routine that ran 8 times faster.

Programming Challenge (2016)
      Like you get in a tech interview, but for real (client project)

Macworld, 2002: ZipBurst Press Release
      ZipBurst performs multi-threaded data and location-based searches of your flat or relational database files

The Apache-Apple Event Bridge (aaeb.net)
      Enables Apache to call AppleScripts and apps via the CGI Request Apple Event (2009)

A Pinball game for MTV (1999)
      Wrote a pinball physics engine from scratch


AT&T's 1996 Olympic Games Website (1996)
      Created with Modem Media and selected as Shockwave Site Of The Week