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      Get one-on-one help and instruction for your Apple Macintosh, iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc., making house calls since 1989.

      Starting Points Technology . com lists David's courses in technology.

      Custom software for games, system tools, internet apps, CGIs, high performance code, marketing campaigns, interactive books and educational needs since 1995. When you need special software written to solve a problem or meet a custom need, drop me a line.

      Location-based (geographic) search tools for your web site. Custom locators for retail stores, alumni groups, social networks, professional groups, physicians, and more since 1997.

The Apache-Apple Event Bridge (aaeb.net)
      A custom application to enable Apache to call AppleScripts and other compiled apps via the CGI Request Apple Event.

David Dantowitz's Resume
      Developing software since 1977